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Signal butterfly valve operating principle

Posted by Bundor valve
Function principle of signal butterfly valve:
1. The signal butterfly valve by the worm gear worm drive drive shaft and disc rotation to achieve opening and closing and control flow.
2. Turn the handwheel of worm gear transmission device to make the butterfly plate open and close and adjust the flow rate. Turn the handwheel clockwise to close the valve
3. There are two forms of microswitch in the case of worm gear and worm gear transmission device:
a. There are two micro switches in the open and close directions in the box of the transmission device, which operate when the valve is fully open and closed respectively, and connect the indicator light source of "valve open" and "valve close" in the control room, so as to accurately display the status of valve switch.
b. A fretting switch (the fully closed position of the butterfly plate is 0°) is set in the box of the transmission device. When the butterfly plate is operated from 0° to 40°, the fretting switch can output the closing signal of the valve, and another pair of normally closed can output the opening signal of the valve when the butterfly plate is at 40° to 90°.The CAM of the pressure touch micro switch can be adjusted to show the different positions of the butterfly plate.
Signal butterfly valve
Signal butterfly valve features:
1.small and light, easy to disassemble and repair, and can be installed in any position.
2.simple structure, compact, 90° rotation opening and closing quickly.
3. Small operating torque, light and labor-saving. achieve complete sealing, gas test leakage is zero.
5.choose different parts material, can be applied to a variety of media.
6.flow characteristics tend to straight line, good regulation performance.
7. More than 10,000 times of opening and closing tests, long service life.The function principle and characteristic of signal butterfly valve.

Why is there a signal butterfly valve?
In a fire pipe network, there are many devices with special functions, such as various fire alarm valves and water flow indicators.There is a problem when professionals debug or disassemble these devices.As we know, most of these devices are directly connected to the fire protection network, and when dismantled without other protection means that the pipes connected to them are passively opened and the pressurized water flows out, which is obviously stupid and undesirable.
Therefore, the staff in the installation of these alarm valves, indicators and other equipment, will often be equipped with a butterfly valve to control the water flow, to facilitate the later debugging of the equipment.In daily work, the butterfly valve is open, the equipment can enter the working state at any time.When it is necessary to debug the equipment, close the butterfly valve in front of the equipment to control the water flow.The device can then be debugged without fear of water coming out.

Why must use "signal" butterfly valve, ordinary butterfly valve is not good?
First we need to understand what the signal butterfly valve does.When the signal butterfly valve is closed, its internal components will transmit a closed signal to the fire signal central system.
If there is a fire service personnel, in the maintenance of equipment due to carelessness, forget to open the fire signal butterfly valve.Then the equipment in the fire control center will enter the alarm state, indicating that the current position of the signal butterfly valve is not open.In this way, the whole system of all the signal butterfly valve opening and closing state can be constantly monitored.
If the ordinary butterfly valve is used, then when the fire protection system fails, the staff can not determine which position of the butterfly valve is in the fastest time due to the operation error, was mistakenly closed, will waste a lot of manpower and material resources.