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Electric butterfly valve and pneumatic butterfly valve difference

Posted by Bundor valve
Butterfly valve is widely used in environmental protection, water conservancy, petrochemical, metallurgy, paper, power, aerospace, pipeline, industrial equipment, industrial processing and other fields need to use butterfly valve to control fluid movement, and as a control butterfly valve open, close or part of the drive device is usually called valve actuator or valve driver.Butterfly valve in the common actuator is electric actuator and pneumatic actuator, equipped with the butterfly valve above, is we are familiar with the electric butterfly valve and pneumatic butterfly valve.As for the difference between electric butterfly valves and pneumatic butterfly valves, there is no difference between the butterfly valves themselves, the difference lies in their respective actuators and the applicable operating environment affected by the actuators.

Electric butterfly valve
Electric butterfly valve, with electric actuators to drive the valve switch butterfly valve, with electric power, using single-phase or three-phase motor drive gear or worm output linear or rotational motion.Electric actuator can output relatively constant driving force, strong anti-deviation ability, control precision is higher than pneumatic actuator, without the help of other auxiliary system can automatically protect position.
Electric actuator has the characteristics of simple operation, easy to realize remote control, but its structure is complex, easy to load failure, often appear low positioning accuracy, over-open clearance, motor burn, gear box wear, maintenance cost is very large.Too frequent adjustment will cause the motor heating, reduction gear easy to wear.In addition, the electric actuator runs slowly, is difficult to achieve a large driving force, and there are problems such as difficult realization of over-protection, bad position and so on.
Electric Butterfly Valve,Pneumatic Butterfly Valve
Pneumatic butterfly valve
Pneumatic butterfly valve, with pneumatic actuators to drive the valve switch butterfly valve, with compressed air as the power, has a simple structure, maintenance is more convenient, but large volume, the need for air source and air purification device;The actuating mechanism and regulating mechanism of pneumatic actuators are unified as a whole, and the actuating mechanism has film type, piston type, fork type and pinion and rack type.
Using gas as power medium has the advantages of high safety and low environmental requirements.However, due to the compressibility of gas, pneumatic actuators with relatively low stiffness have slow response, poor resolution, low control accuracy and weak anti-deviation ability. When applied in the case of large dynamic force or friction, it is very easy to cause adverse vibration of equipment.And its energy - weight ratio, low power density, large driving force pneumatic actuators are extremely complex, heavy and expensive.