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What kinds of gate valves are available

Posted by Bundor valve
gate valves
ASK : What kinds of gate valves are available?What kind of occasions suitable for which gate valve?
BUNDOR : There are several common gate valves :
1.CI gate valve: including gray iron rising stem gate valve and gray iron hidden stem gate valve, this kind of gate valve is suitable for municipal construction, water treatment, water supply and drainage, water conservancy engineering and other fields.
2. DI gate valve: usually soft sealed gate valve, also divided into rising stem and hidden stem, this gate valve is mainly used in sewage treatment, construction fire, water supply and drainage engineering and other municipal engineering pipelines.
CI and DI gate valves belong to cast iron gate valves, which are mostly used in normal temperature and low pressure pipelines, and the medium is mostly water.
3. Carbon steel, stainless steel gate valves: these two kinds of gate valves are mostly used in high temperature and high pressure pipelines. The medium is mostly steam, oil, etc., and the application fields are petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, etc.
4 knife gate valve: suitable for medium pulp, mud, sewage, powder, syrup, coal slurry, ash, slag water mixture and other liquid fluids.