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Knife Gate Valve is widely used,what are the advantages?

Posted by Bundor valve
The knife gate valve is suitable for coal mining, slagging, urban sewage treatment, food, papermaking, medicine, petroleum, chemical industry and many other working conditions in mine power plants. So what advantages does the knife gate valve have? Bundor Valve has been engaged in the valve industry for 25 years, and has rich experience in valve production, sales and after-sales, to introduce you the advantages of the knife gate valve!

1. The knife gate valve has a liftable sealing surface of the gate, which can scrape off the adhesion on the sealing surface and automatically remove debris.

2. The gate plate of the stainless steel knife gate valve can prevent the seal leakage caused by corrosion, and the fine grinding and polishing treatment can obtain a better sealing effect. The bottom end of the blade is processed into a blade shape, which has the function of cutting off soft materials such as fiber, paper pulp and wood pulp, and has good opening and closing functions. A hard Teflon scraper is installed at the upper end of the blade to prevent dust, grit and other abrasive substances from entering the packing box, which can significantly improve the life of the blade.

3. The body of the stainless steel knife gate valve is durable, the design of the valve body ribs improves the strength of the valve body, and the double-head screw is used to open and close more quickly.

4. The full circular DC channel design has no slag or jamming.

5. Short structure length, can save raw materials, installation space, and also effectively support the strength of the pipeline.

6. The guide block on the valve body of the knife gate valve moves the gate plate correctly, and the extrusion block ensures the effective sealing of the gate plate.

7. Knife gate valve can also choose any drive mechanism.

8. V-shaped gate can be used as a regulating valve.

9. Compact design, small space occupation, light weight, cheap price, easy installation, perfect anti-wear and anti-blocking measures, easy maintenance, convenient use and long life, and optional drive device.

10. The valve plate has 5 support points. When the valve is closed and back pressure is applied, the valve plate does not shift.

The above are some of the advantages of knife gate valves. If you need to know more about the product knowledge of knife gate valves, please visit the official website of Bundor Valve!