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How to select high quality flange butterfly valve?

Posted by Bundor valve

Flange butterfly valve has a single eccentric, inclined plate type, linear, double eccentric and three eccentric construction.The material working pressure is on the valve shaft and rolling bearing according to the butterfly plate effect, so when the high pressure diameter fluid density is quite large, its axle diameter and the thickness of butterfly plate are relatively improved. If the globe valve and gate valve or globe valve are selected, it is more suitable to analyze from the sealing and fluid density than the butterfly valve.
flange butterfly valve

Flange butterfly valve key advantages are reliable seal, long life, heat resistance, not easy to destroy and tear, it is able to work under pressure.Therefore, in recent years, it has been used more, especially in the key parts of engineering project system.The rubber soft seal butterfly valve can obtain a very good seal if the design scheme is manufactured with high quality, and the large size is very easy to ensure free online ring replacement.However, there is a problem of brittle rubber, only used in low temperature load standard, so widely used in drinking water and power supply systems.

Overseas metal sealing flange butterfly valve is used in power plant of the sewage treatment plant, the condenser, extraction system and the heat transfer system, the nuclear power plant is also used in pressure vessel protection, and salt water flow system, the equilibrium of supply and demand of oil tank protection, oil refining system of steam valve, and waste gas flue gas desulfurization system, catalytic cracking and catalytic reaction in the module.There are also petrochemical, refrigeration, pulp and paper industry systems.

Flanged butterfly valves sealed with metal materials are suitable for medium temperature and high pressure loads.Flanged butterfly valves should also be sealed with metal materials for the areas with high reliability, long service life and long-term disassembly.To be used at room temperature water gate valve, if it is not stipulated very high, long - term do not take apart or take apart not convenient area, it is appropriate to choose the butterfly valve of soft seal structure.If the rubber quality can be ensured, water to large specifications butterfly valves still to rubber high pressure gate valve butterfly valve leading.