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What kinds of fire valves are there?

Posted by Bundor valve
What kinds of fire valves are there?This article Bundor valve for your introduction, is commonly used in the fire system of several valves for your reference.
fire valve
Check valve
Check valves the purpose of this type of valve is to allow media to flow in only one direction and to prevent flow in the opposite direction.Normally the valve works automatically and the disc opens under pressure from a flow of fluid in one direction.Flow in the opposite direction, by the fluid pressure and disc self - coincidence disc on the seat, thereby cutting off the flow.
Signal butterfly valve
Signal butterfly valve is a common butterfly valve with a set of signal lines and connected to the fire alarm host together with the monitoring module. When the signal (input module) module indicator is on, the valve is closed, and when the module signal indicator is on, the valve is normally opened.The signal butterfly valve in the fire protection is the switch in the fire protection pipe network, because the water in the fire protection pipe network must be kept unblocked, so as to ensure the timeliness of fire fighting. Therefore, once the signal butterfly valve is closed, the signal module will report feedback information to the host machine to inform the monitoring center that the fire protection pipe network is closed.The open and close of the ordinary butterfly valve can not be known by the alarm host, can only be viewed on the spot.
 Safety valve
The safety valve provides safety protection in the system.When the system pressure exceeds the specified value, the safety valve is opened to drain part of the system gas/fluid into the atmosphere/pipeline, so that the system pressure does not exceed the allowable value, thus ensuring that the system does not cause accidents due to excessive pressure.The safety valve is an automatic valve, usually does not need to be opened or closed, when the gas (liquid) pressure in the pipeline exceeds the specified value, the pressure will automatically jacking the spring device on the safety valve, the overpressure part of the gas (liquid) discharge.
Floating ball valve
The big ball is hollow, and its density is much lower than that of water. The float is always on the water, and when the water rises, the float rises with it.As the float rises, so does the link.The connecting rod is connected to a valve at the other end. When it rises to a certain position, the connecting rod supports a rubber piston pad to seal off the water source.As the water level drops, so does the float, and the connecting rod drives the piston pad to open.It is often used for filling water in fire pools and roof cisterns. when the specified liquid level is reached, it will automatically stop filling water.