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What are the advantages of flanged gate valves?

Posted by Bundor valve

Flanged gate valves are the most common type of valve.What characteristics and advantages are there?
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Light weight: it is made of high grade ball black pig iron (nodular casting), the net weight is about 20%~30% less than that of traditional gate valve, convenient installation and maintenance.

Large base type brake block: traditional gate valves are normally after washed by hand in pipe due to external factors such as stones, block, concrete, iron pin, dirt deposited on the bottom of the valve such as concave inside, very easily lead to can't turn off are inseparable from water seepage condition, ductility seat seal gate valves on the bottom of the selection and design of water pipe of the same thick bottom, is not easy to cause the dirt deposition, fluid mechanics are unimpeded.

Overall plastic packing: vulcanized rubber of high quality is used to carry out the overall internal and external plastic packing. Vulcanized rubber vulcanized technology in Europe ensures the vulcanized gate with accurate geometric figure specifications, and vulcanized rubber and ductile ink casting gate is firm, not easy to fall down and has a good memory of malleability.

Precision casting valve body: precision casting is selected for the valve body, and the precise geometry ensures the tightness of the valve body without any deep machining.


1. Low hydromechanical friction resistance and low material erosion and corrosion on the sealing surface.

2, open and close more energy.

3. No restriction on material inflow, no disturbance and no reduction of working pressure.

4. Simple shape, long and short structure, good production and manufacturing process performance, wide application fields.

The defects of gate valve are as follows:

1. The middle of the sealing surface is easy to cause erosion and abrasion, so maintenance is difficult.

2, the size is large, must open a certain indoor space, open and close for a long time.

3. Complex structure.

The type of sluice can be divided into wedge type sluice valve and parallel type sluice valve according to the sealing surface, and wedge type sluice valve can be divided into single type sluice valve, double type sluice valve and ductile type sluice valve.Parallel face gate valves can be divided into single gate type and double gate type.According to the seat of the external thread location division, can be divided into dark stem gate valve and open stem gate valve two.