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Flanged gate valve installation steps

Posted by Bundor valve
1. Check the valve cavity and surface before the machine and equipment, and do not allow waste or sand particles to stick; 
2. The anchor bolts of each butt joint should be properly twisted; 
3. Query the filling material position to ensure the tightness of the filling material, but also to ensure that the gate dexterity; 
4. Before the valve of the machine and equipment, the customer must check the valve type, butt specification and pay attention to medium inflow, to ensure the consistency with the valve request; 
5. The customer must embed the necessary indoor space of the valve driver in the valve of the machine and equipment; 
6. Wiring of the driving machinery and equipment shall be carried out according to the road map; 
7. The globe valve must be regularly maintained, not casually bump and knead, to prevent damage to the tightness.
Flanged gate valve,Flanged valve
One of flange globe valves in the valve, apply to job very much, and often referred to as flange cut-off valve, the oil circuit board, ram, flange, valve cover, stem, their respective characteristics are valve body on both sides of the up and down with the seat, high pressure gate valve machinery and equipment have a wedge type gate, oil on both sides of the plate and pipe bit joint flange installation, using the flange and the pipeline machine equipment to carry out docking.It has dealt with the overall planning and production of the current society of the globe valve, and the way of butt welding with the pipeline is all over the use of electric welding butt, long-term application is not conducive to disassembly, maintenance and replacement of the doubt, can be generally applicable to liquid, steam pipeline machinery and equipment total flow control level.
The flange valve structure includes the valve itself, the commodity valve itself is provided with a slot, the flange connector is inserted into the slot, the bottom of the slot is provided with a rotating yellow structure, the slot interface is provided with the valve fixing buckle.This product variety is simple, practical operation is convenient, suitable for many online promotion.
Globe valves, also known as door valves, belong to the mandatory closed valve, so when the valve is off, be sure to put pressure on the disc, to force the face not to leak.When the medium is under the disc into the valve, the actual operating force must get rid of the friction resistance, is the sliding friction of the valve stem and filling material and caused by the working pressure of the medium to attract business, the force to close the valve is greater than the force to open the valve, so the diameter of the valve stem to be large, otherwise it will produce the common failure of the stem bending.It can be divided into three types according to interface mode: flange connection, clamp connection and electric welding connection.From the appearance of the sealing valve, the media inflow of the globe valve will be changed to disc into the upper valve chamber, at this time in the working pressure effect of the medium, the strength of the valve is not big, and the force of the valve is large, the diameter of the valve stem can be reduced relatively.In addition, under the effect of the medium, this kind of valve is more tight.In China's valve "three to" has been required, cut off the inflow of valves, all choose from the top down.When the globe valve is opened, the opening aspect ratio of the disc is 25% ~ 30% of the outside diameter. The total flow has exceeded the larger value, indicating that the valve has reached the full opening position.The opening position of the globe valve should be determined by the travel arrangement of the disc.