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Flanged gate valve selection skills

Posted by Bundor valve
The selection of equipment is a complicated process, which is a big difficulty for many people.Only select the right goods, can have a greater effect, give full play to its greater use value.Next to the network to everybody deep analysis of the selection method of flange gate valve, let's see!
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The selection method of flange gate valve has the following two key points:
1.radiator flange gate valve structure and principle
The temperature control in the guest room is maintained according to the thermostatic pressure regulating valve of the radiator.The radiator thermostatic pressure regulating valve is composed of thermostatic control board, total flow regulating valve and a pair of joint parts.The temperature packet can cause volume change by magnetic induction of the change of working temperature around it, and push the valve center of the regulating valve to cause deviation, so as to adjust the water flow of the radiator to change the heat production of the radiator.Flanged gate valve setting temperature can be adjusted by human factors. Flanged gate valve will automatically control the system and adjust the water flow of radiator according to the setting regulations to exceed the target of operating room temperature.Flange gate valve is generally installed in front of the radiator, according to the automatic adjustment of the total flow, to maintain the necessary indoor temperature.Flanged gate valves are divided into two - way flanged gate valves and three - way flanged gate valves.Three-way flanged gate valve is suitable for single pipe system with beyond pipe, its separation index can change within the range of 0 ~ 100%, the total flow adjustment space is large, but the price is more expensive, the structure is more complex.Two - way flanged gate valves are available for multi - pipe systems or single - pipe systems.Two - way flanged gate valves for multi - pipe system software have great friction resistance.The friction resistance is low for a single tube system.The temperature sensor package of flange gate valve and oil circuit board are generally assembled into a whole. The temperature sensor package itself is the temperature sensor in the room on the spot.Remote temperature sensors can be used if necessary.Remotely controlled temperature sensors are placed in a temperature controlled room and valve oil boards are placed in a position on the heating system.
2.Selection and design of flange gate valve
Flange gate valve is the most critical regulating machine equipment for the total flow regulation of heating system, other regulating valves are all auxiliary machinery equipment, so flange gate valve is necessary.If a heating system does not set the temperature control valve can not be said to be heating metering billing system.In the design of flange gate valve, proper selection is very important.The selection of flange gate valve is based on the design scheme of the total flow (known heat consumption), allowing friction resistance to drop clear KV value (total flow index);The diameter (model and specification) of the temperature control valve is then determined by the KV value.Therefore, the correlation between KV value and diameter must be obtained in the design scheme picture album or the manufacturer's sample plate, otherwise it is not conducive to the application of the design scheme staff.
In the selection and design of flange gate valve, is by no means simple and clear to choose the same caliber as the pipeline flange gate valve is finished.It is only desirable to give the selected flanged gate valve an ideal pressure differential working standard throughout the selection process.A flange gate valve in general working pressure difference between 2 ~ 3mH2O, larger than 6 ~ 10mH2O.Therefore, the flange gate valve must be determined the pre-set value of the category, in order to avoid noise, harm flange gate valve all normal work.If there are two or so specifications under the same KV value, the preference should be given to small flanged gate valves, the purpose of which is to improve the regulating characteristics of flanged gate valves.