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What are the features of gate valves

Posted by Bundor valve
Gate valves are used to cut off the flow of media in the pipeline.Although the structure of gate valve is not as simple as butterfly valve, but also not complex, with a body, bonnet, stem, gate, sealing ring and transmission device composition.Our common gate valve drives are handwheels or electric actuators, which are usually used in some special operating conditions.Gate valves can only be fully open or fully closed, sealing better than butterfly valves.In addition, what other features do gate valves have?
gate valve
Gate valves features

1.The media passage in the gate valve body is straight through. When the valve is fully open, the flow resistance through the media is negligible and very small.

2. When the gate valve is switched, the motion direction is perpendicular to the motion direction of the flowing medium in the valve body channel, so it is more labor-saving to open and close.

3. Gate valves are bidirectional, medium flow is not limited by the direction of installation, so gate valves are suitable for installation in pipelines where the flow direction of medium may change.

4. Gate valve seal belongs to forced seal, its sealing performance is better than butterfly valve.

5. The height of the gate valve is large. When opening, the gate should rise to the upper part of the valve body channel. When closing, the gate should be lowered to block the valve body channel completely.In this process, the need to spend more opening and closing time.