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The function of worm gear butterfly valve

Posted by Bundor valve
Worm gear butterfly valve is a kind of simple structure of the regulator, installed on the low pressure pipeline, medium is used to control the pipe flow, worm gear of butterfly valve opening and closing a (also called butterfly plate) disc, gear disk rotation through the worm gear box drives the valve spindle rotation, the rotation of the valve shaft and the disc rotates, so as to achieve the butterfly valve opened and closed.

Worm gear butterfly valve can be used to control the flow of air, water, steam, corrosive media, mud, oil, liquid metal and radioactive media and other types of fluid.Butterfly valve and butterfly rod have no self-locking capability. In order to locate butterfly plate, worm gear reducer should be installed on the valve stem.Using worm gear reducer can not only make the butterfly plate with self-locking ability, stop the butterfly plate at any position, but also improve the operation performance of the valve.
butterfly valve
Different from the handle butterfly valve, worm gear butterfly valve is more widely used, regardless of the diameter, or pressure, can be operated by using worm gear butterfly valve.Worm wheel butterfly valve can be made of soft seal, also can be made of hard seal, can be made of small diameter, but more suitable for making of large diameter.

Worm gear butterfly valve can be used for people's livelihood, can also be used in the industrial field, the industrial worm wheel butterfly valve can withstand high temperature, the applicable pressure range is higher, the valve nominal size is large, the body is made of carbon steel, the valve plate sealing ring USES metal ring instead of rubber ring.Large high temperature butterfly valve is manufactured by welding steel plate, mainly used for high temperature medium smoke duct and gas pipeline.

The above is the introduction of the role of worm gear butterfly valve, if you have the need to purchase worm gear butterfly valve, you can click the website online customer service for consultation.