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What is lug butterfly valve

Posted by Bundor valve
lug butterfly valve
What is lug butterfly valve

1. lug butterfly valve and pipe installation on both sides of the flange with bolts installed, so that the valve body and the sealing surface of the valve body has not been squeezed by the bolt, the sealing life is good.

2.Lugs can be easily installed in the feeding position.
3.The connection mode of clamp has certain defects. When the bolt installs the valve in the pipeline, the bolt squeezes the entire butterfly valve body in the middle of both sides of the flange. The bolt is longer, and the creep is also large, which is easy to leak.

Lug butterfly valve and flange butterfly valve difference

Another kind is the hole above the lugs are threaded hole, domestic call LT type, the valve should be called a single clamp valve correctly, because, this valve is usually installed at the end of the pipe, the pipe is only a piece of flange, valve through between the bolt and screw thread of the valve hole fastening force are fixed on the pipeline.