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Where is the ball valve often used

Posted by Bundor valve
Ball valve excellent performance, simple structure, symmetrical body, small volume, two-way flow, two-way sealing, good sealing performance.The ball valve is a full flow path, the body resistance coefficient is almost the same as the pipe, will not cause pressure loss, fluid resistance is very small.In addition, the ball valve has the advantages of easy maintenance, easy replacement, so the ball valve is often used for what?
ball valve
Ball valve in full open or full close position, sealing pair and medium completely isolated, high speed through the medium will not erosion sealing pair.Ball in the open and close is the process of rotary wiping, so most of the structure of the ball valve can be used with suspended solid particles of the medium, choose the appropriate wear-resistant seat sealing materials, can also be used in the powdery medium.Straight-through ball valve is used for cutting off, widely used, tee, four-way and other ball valves are used for distributing medium and changing medium flow direction, V-type can be used for throttling.

Full size ball valve open type is easy to clean the ball by cleaning the pipeline. It is widely used in petroleum and chemical pipeline.Wide application range, working pressure from vacuum to high pressure, nominal diameter DN8~3000, working temperature -254~815 ℃.If non-metallic materials are used for the seat sealing ring and other parts, the pressure-temperature rating is lower than the pressure-temperature rating of the ball valve shell (metal), and the actual use of pressure, temperature and medium of the ball valve is limited by it.

The float ball can float freely in the seat, so it has the advantages of simple construction and light weight, but must be mild enough to withstand high seal specific pressure, high operating torque, not suitable for high pressure and large diameter valves.Fixed ball valve ball will not move, the whole is like nature, so small torque, good sealing performance, suitable for large diameter high-pressure environment, but the structure is complex, tedious process, high price.