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What is the ball valve model and system method

Posted by Bundor valve
Description method of ball valve model establishment:
1. Additional code for ball valve: V for spool with V-shaped structure, D for low temperature, B for insulation, P for eccentric structure, U and S
DY is for top;
2. Ball valve name code: Q stands for ball valve;
3. Ball valve driving code: 2 means electro-hydraulic, 3 means turbine, 6 means pneumatic, 7 means hydraulic, 9 means electric and manual without generation
4. Connection code: 1 means internal thread, 4 means flange type, 6 means welding type, 7 means sandwiching type;
ball valve
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5. Structural type code:
(1) Floating formula: 1 means straight flow to, 2 means Y-type tee, 4 means L-type tee, 5 means T-type tee;
(2) Fixed: 0 means the hemisphere direct, 6 means the four-way flow passage, 7 means the direct flow to, 8 means the L-type tee, 9 means the Y-type tee;
6. Sealing material Code: B Babel alloy, F fluorine rubber, F46 lined fluorine, H rust steel, J lined rubber, M Monel alloy, N nylon plastic
Material, Monel P, Y cemented carbide, W valve body direct processing;
7. Pressure class code:
(1) 16 means that the pressure is 16kg (1.6mpa) and can be up to 64Mpa;
(2) 150LB refers to the pressure of American standard pound class, and the maximum pressure withstand grade can reach 2500LB (150LB= 1.6mpa /300LB=2.5-
4.0 mpa / 400 lb = 6.4 mpa / 600 lb = 10 mpa);
(3) 5K represents daily pressure, and the maximum pressure is 63K;
Body material code: A titanium and titanium alloy, C carbon steel, I chromium molybdenum steel, P18-8 series stainless steel, RMo2Ti series stainless steel, S plastic.