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Lug butterfly valve features

Posted by Bundor valve
What is the characteristic of lug butterfly valve? Butterfly valve common connection ways are: clamping, flange, clamping, lug.To understand the characteristics of lug butterfly valves, you need to compare them with other connections.Clamp type butterfly valve is mainly used in the fire system, with lug type difference is also relatively large, let's focus on the following lug type butterfly valve and clamping butterfly valve, flange type butterfly valve different.
Lug butterfly valve
A, The price
The price of butterfly valve is cheap, followed by lug type, flange type butterfly valve is the most expensive, the price is proportional to the overall weight.
B,The installation
1, through the pressure hole lug butterfly valve installation method is the same as clamping butterfly valve, their stability is not good flange;
2, threaded hole lug butterfly valve, installation method is not the same as the clamping type and flange type, lug butterfly valve pressure hole is equivalent to a nut, and when connected to the pipe flange, bolt through the flange piece, directly tighten the lug butterfly valve pressure hole can be, flange end bolts fixed with nuts.This installation provides even better stability than flanged butterfly valves.