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What is the function of electric butterfly valve

Posted by Bundor valve
Electric butterfly valve is installed in the butterfly valve above the electric actuator, through the electric actuator to control the butterfly valve switch.
electric butterfly valve
Electric butterfly valve function requirements according to the engineering control requirements, for electric butterfly valve, its control function is completed by the electric device.The purpose of using electric butterfly valve is to realize non-manual electrical control or computer control of the valve switch and adjustment linkage.Electric butterfly valves are initially installed in places where manual operation is impossible, such as high altitude, or in toxic media environments.With the development of science and technology, the electric butterfly valve technology is becoming more and more mature. Even with artificial AI technology, the electric butterfly valve can be applied in more fields.
Electric butterfly valve applications: canning/bottling systems, beer brewing and beverage technology, chemical industry, fluid mixing plant, food industry, industrial concrete and cement industry, vacuum technology, water treatment plant, laundry, medical equipment, boiler feed water, process control.