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What are the use occasions of swing check valves

Posted by Bundor valve
Swing check valve disc rotates around the shaft, when the pipe flow in the specified direction, the disc inlet pressure is higher than the outlet pressure, the disc is pushed off the seat, the valve is in an open state.When the pressure difference between the two sides of the disc decreases to a certain level, the disc falls and returns to the closed position, preventing media from flowing backwards.What are the USES of swing check valves?
Swing check valve
Swing check valve fluid resistance is less than the lifting check valve, suitable for larger diameter occasions, the device bearing is not limited, usually the device in the horizontal pipeline.According to the number of discs can be divided into single - flap, double - flap and multi - flap swing three.Single - disc swing check valves are normally used in medium diameter applications.When choosing single flap swing check valve for large diameter pipeline, in order to reduce water hammer pressure, it is better to choose slow closing check valve which can reduce water hammer pressure.Double disc swing check valve is suitable for large and medium diameter pipelines.Double-disc swing check valve with small structure, light weight, is a fast check valve;Multi - flap swing check valves are suitable for large diameter pipes.

Swing check valve is suitable for various pipelines with nominal pressure pN1.0mpa ~ 42.0mpa, nominal diameter DN15~1200mm and operating temperature -196~540℃ to avoid backflow of media.Suitable for water, steam, oil, nitric acid, acetic acid, strong oxidizing medium and urea, etc.Mainly used in petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, chemical fertilizer, electric power and other pipelines.

Swing check valve is built in rocker arm swing structure, all opening and closing parts of the valve are installed in the body, do not penetrate the body, in addition to the flange part with sealing gasket and sealing ring, all without external leakage point, which also put an end to the risk of valve leakage.The swing check rocker arm and the disc connect with the spherical structure, so that the disc has a certain degree of freedom in 360 degrees of scale, there is appropriate micro azimuth offset.Swing check valve is suitable for clean medium, not suitable for medium rich in solid particles and high viscosity.