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What are the valve connections

Posted by Bundor valve
As a valve buyer, you should be asked whether it should be double or flanged, etc., etc., about the valve connection. Do you know what the valve connection is?

1.Flange connection
Flanged connections are the most commonly used connections between valves and piping or equipment.Refers to the flange, gasket and bolt three mutually connected as a group of seal structure of the detachable connection.
Pipe flange refers to the pipe flange in the pipe installation, used in equipment refers to the import and export flange of equipment.Flange connection easy to use, can withstand greater pressure.
2.clamp connection
Bolt the valve and both ends of the pipe directly through the joint clamped together.
3.Welding connection
Welding connection refers to the valve body with a welding groove, by welding to the pipe system connected to a form of connection. Welding connection of valve and pipeline is divided into butt welding connection (BW) and socket welding connection (SW). Butt welding connection (BW) can be applied to all sizes, all kinds of pressure and high temperature working conditions. Socket welding connection (SW) is generally suitable for valves ≤DN50.
4.Threaded connections
A simple method of connection, often used for small valves.There are two more cases:
Direct sealing: The internal and external threads have direct sealing effect.In order to ensure that the joint does not leak, often with lead oil, wire hemp and teflon raw material belt, which teflon raw material belt, widely used.
Indirect seal: The force of the screw is passed to the two - plane washer to seal.
5.Card sleeve connection
The working principle of the clamping sleeve connection is that when the nut is tightened, the clamping sleeve will be subjected to pressure and the blade will bite into the outer wall of the pipe. The external cone surface of the clamping sleeve will be close to the cone surface of the joint body under pressure, so that leakage can be reliably prevented.At present, the clamp - sleeve connection has been used in some small - caliber valve products in China.
6.Clamp connection
This is a quick connection method that requires only two bolts and is suitable for frequently removed low pressure valves.
7. Internal self-tightening connection
The inner self - tight connection is a kind of self - tight connection using medium pressure.Its sealing ring is installed in the cone, with the side of the medium to a certain Angle, the pressure of the medium to the cone, and pass to the seal ring, in a certain Angle of the cone, produce two components, one and the center line of the valve body parallel to the outside, the other pressure to the inner wall of the valve body.