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Pneumatic butterfly valve manufacturer price

Posted by Bundor valve
How is the manufacturer to set the price of pneumatic butterfly valve, why the same size, the same material of pneumatic butterfly valve, the price will differ so much?What is the price of pneumatic butterfly valve manufacturer?
Pneumatic butterfly valve
The main factors affecting the price of pneumatic butterfly valve manufacturers valve parameter information, one is the main parts of the butterfly valve parameters, the other is the parameters of pneumatic device.

Butterfly valve body components parameters include the valve connection mode, working medium, working temperature, valve body plate material, and so on.

Pneumatic device parameters include air source pressure, ambient temperature and valve positioner and a series of accessories.

In addition to the above, the production and processing of spraying technology, material quality, these will affect the price of pneumatic butterfly valve.

Back to the above question, why the same size, the same material's price is difference, pneumatic butterfly valve can be compared to the above said, although there are the same material, but the density of material is different, corresponding to the valve is the difference between the hardness of good material valve can improve the hardness, tensile strength, prevent the valve for pressure shock crack or fracture;In addition, spraying is also very important, the use of good quality paint, can improve the anti-oxidation of the valve, prevent premature oxidation of the valve corrosion, greatly providing the valve service life.As we often say, details determine success or failure, and details also determine the price of the valve.