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Soft seal butterfly valve service temperature

Posted by Bundor valve
Butterfly valve is a soft seal in light industry, petroleum, chemical industry and water treatment and other industries used more valve products, its sealing surface sealing ring is made of non-metallic materials with better temperature resistance performance, sealing performance is very good.
Soft seal butterfly valve
We have mentioned here that the soft seal butterfly valve is made of material with good temperature resistance, so how much is the service temperature?Here is the introduction.
Soft seal butterfly valve use temperature, in fact, according to the seal ring manufacturing materials are different, under normal circumstances suitable for 100℃ below hot water, cold water system (hard seal butterfly valve can be used in 500℃ below the system).
Generally speaking, the sealing ring manufacturing materials of the soft seal butterfly valve are commonly used rubber, polytetrafluoroethylene, EPDM, BUtadiene rubber, etc. The applicable temperature of each material is also different, such as PTFE≤150℃, EPDM≤120℃, NBR≤80℃.
The soft seal butterfly valve mentioned above the use temperature is in general working conditions, if it is in the acid base medium, the use temperature is different, the following is for everyone:
1. Neoprene: nitric acid (10%) at 29℃;Citric acid 29℃;Sodium hydroxide 93℃.
2. Butyl rubber: sulfuric acid (50%) 66℃;Nitric acid (10%) 40℃;Sodium hydroxide 85℃.
3. F4: sulfuric acid (0-100%) 180℃;Nitric acid (0-100%) 180℃;The sodium hydroxide is 180℃.