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Butterfly valve types introduction

Posted by Bundor valve
Butterfly valve
Butterfly valve types introduction

Center line-type butterfly valve

Middle-line butterfly valve in small caliber butterfly valve usage is large, the effect is better.There are two major differences in the way of manufacturing: a valve body lining after the supporting frame (to Tanggu products as the representative);There is no support frame after the valve body is lined with rubber layer (represented by Zhengzhou products).The former has less rubber lining and the latter has larger flow area.The latter has been suspected of having a shorter valve life, but according to investigation this is not the case.

Vertical and horizontal butterfly valve comparison

In the medium and large butterfly valves, there is a difference between vertical and horizontal valve shaft, usually vertical butterfly valve covered with deep soil, water debris easily wound shaft end, affecting the opening and closing;The variable speed transmission box of horizontal butterfly valve is beside the side, and the valve well occupies a wide plane position on the road, which affects the arrangement of other pipelines.Therefore, in the medium diameter butterfly valve with more vertical, large caliber butterfly valve in the plane position under the condition of permission to horizontal.Valve opening and closing indicators, whether vertical or horizontal, should be taken to allow for observation from the ground.

Eccentric butterfly valve

In essence, the closing seal of the midline butterfly valve is an extrusion seal of the rubber lining layer, especially the larger squeeze near the valve shaft, so that the service life of the valve is affected, and the opening and closing moment of the valve is larger.To alleviate this shortcoming, designed a one-dimensional, two-dimensional and three-dimensional eccentric butterfly valve, which developed by three-dimensional eccentric butterfly valve, the theory of the sealing state is a state of contact seal, a lot of manufacturers for the development of this aspect, including a Bundor valve products adopt computer control of machine tool processing, the product has reached the technical requirements.

Eccentric butterfly valve is directional in bearing water pressure, especially three-dimensional butterfly valve reverse pressure capacity is weak.Since the pipe network is annular, the pressure requirement for both directions of the valve is the same, so this requirement should be emphasized when ordering.

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