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Wafer type butterfly valve installation

Posted by Bundor valve
Wafer type butterfly valve is suitable for installation in a narrow space working condition or a short distance between pipes in the environment, when the butterfly valve is fully opened, only the thickness of the butterfly valve is the only resistance of the medium in the pipeline through the valve body, resistance is very small, so the Wafer type butterfly valve has better flow control characteristics.
Wafer type butterfly valve installation
Notes for installation of wafer type butterfly valve

1. Before installation, be sure to clean up the dirt and impurities in the sealing surface and pipeline of the valve, and there can be no impurities. 

2. When installing the valve, the flange inner mouth on the pipeline must be aligned with the "ear" hole of the clip butterfly valve, the flange piece and the rubber sealing ring of the butterfly valve are tightly pressed and fitted, and the sealing gasket is no longer needed. 

3. Before fixing the valve, the butterfly plate shall be tested for several times to ensure that there is no jam phenomenon in the switching process of the butterfly plate before the nut can be completely tightened and fixed. 

Note: this test is very important for the clamping part of the butterfly valve. If there is no test at the time of installation, the phenomenon of clamping after installation will lead to the butterfly valve can not be fully opened or closed, causing a lot of leakage.If the butterfly valve is installed with an electric or pneumatic actuator, the actuator will twist the stem and deform.

4. The order of welding the flange and installing the butterfly valve must not be messed up. The butterfly valve must not be installed before welding the flange, which will burn the rubber sealing ring of the butterfly valve. 

5. For the wafer type butterfly valve installed with electric or pneumatic actuators, when replacing the lower part, it is necessary to close to close and open to open assembly. After the whole machine is adjusted and proofread, it is installed on the pipeline.