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Choosing a Good Brand of Butterfly Valve Will Save your cost around Usd 71,000.00 (initial article)

Posted by Bundor valve
As a valve manufactures more than 25 years, We have seen many similar case,many projects have brought much losses  to company because of the choice of poor quality valves. Which is not only affect company’s hundreds of thousands or even millions losses,but also affect the environment  seriously.
As a super country in manufacture industry,there are more than 3,000 valves manufacturers in China.Which can produce gate valves, throttle valves, ball valves, globe valves, butterfly valves, diaphragm valves, control valves, etc,It is can meet requirements of various fields .Butterfly valve is one of them,How to choose good quality butterfly valve from so many manufactures?The good quality has the following characteristics.
China is a manufacturing power, according to the data, now it has already more than 3000 valve manufacture companies, which can product Gate Valve、Throttle valve、Ball valveGlobe ValveButterfly Valve、Diaphragm Valve、Control Valve and so on to satisfy all region`s requires and demands.Butterfly Valve is a kind of valve with a large demand, so there are many manufacturers of butterfly valves, and the brand of butterfly valves derived from them is also endless. So which brand of butterfly valves is good? How to choose a qualified butterfly valves? The valve brand has the following features people can rest assured to purchase.

Have Independent Patent
The independent patents is show the manufacture R&D capacity.For example,Bundor concentric line butterfly valve provides various standars such as GB/HG/JB PN10/PN16,EN1092-1 PN10/PN16,ASME B16.5 Class150,ASME B16.42 Class150,ASME B16.1 Class125,BS 10 Table D/Table E,JIS B2220 5K/10K,GOST 12815 PN10/16.Other manufactures only offer single standard without patent.
Another Bundor pantent--Wide rubber seat.Compared ordinary seat,the width of sealing surface is more wide and the contact surface with flanger waterline is wider.
Today editor introduced the feature of having independent patent, the next article will talk about features such as rubber material、valve body coating and packaging.