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Choosing a Good Brand of Butterfly Valve Will Save your cost around Usd 71,000.00(middle article)

Posted by Bundor valve
In the previous article, editor introduced that the selection of a good brand butterfly valve should have its own patent, next we will talk about features such as rubber material、valve body coating and packaging.

High elasticity rubber material
High elasticity rubber material has high rubber content,It is can improve the life time of butterfly valve and reduce the cost of change,repair valve.
For example, Bundor’s concentric butterfly valve seat is made of highly elastic rubber material with a rubber content of up to 50%, 100% no leakage after open and close test for more than 1000 times.
At the same time, Bundor concentric butterfly valve offer NBR, EPDM, PTFE, Viton, Hypalon and many other materials. While concentric wafer butterfly in most manufactures has unqualified glue content and even secondary recycling rubber, leakage always occurred.
Valve body Coating
Valve body coating can keep the valve body anti-rust,  durable, beautiful, and ensure that the valve mark is clear and obvious.
For example, Bundor buttefly valve adapt the epoxy coating from famous brand Akzonoble. It has strong adhesion and good weather resistance indoors and outdoors, and can be used longer time but not paint off, and the butterfly valve is better protected from rusting. However, the concentric wafer butterfly valve of the common manufacturers use the inferior paint to spray the valve body, the quality is not guaranteed, and the valve body is more likely to be rusted.

Heat shrinkable film packaging
Heat shrinkable packing independently  protect the valve avoid unnecessary conditions. For example, the caliber of Bunbor concentric butterfly valve 8" or less will be independently packaged with POF heat shrinkable film, 10" or above is packaged in bubble bags or wrapping film, and the built-in desiccant is not only effective in preventing moisture and dripping, but also isolating dust and preventing the valve from being tightly sealed due to contamination with dust.

Today editor introduced good butterfly valve`s features such as rubber material、valve body coating、packaging and so on. Next we will talk about the features of handle and nameplate.