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What are the valves for sewage pumping stations

Posted by Bundor valve

What is the function of sewage lifting pump station?The pipes we build underground receive rainwater and sewage from above, and this water flows by its own gravity to sewage treatment plants.However, as the sewage often carries impurities, it is easy to accumulate and block the pipeline, so the sewage lifting pump station is used to solve the problem of pipeline blockage and slow drainage.


Functions of sewage pumping station:


1. Drainage and drainage of low-lying areas prone to waterlogging can reduce the damage of rain to the land environment, resulting in economic losses and casualties.


2. Use potential energy and pressure energy to raise the water level of the rainwater flowing into the pump station, and then pressurize and transport the rainwater to ensure the timely discharge of rainwater without causing silt blockage in the pipeline.


3. The submersible sewage pump with high efficient sewage discharge capacity is adopted.GRP anticorrosive material production, spiral efficient stirring, remove silt, particles and other magazines, to ensure the pipeline unobstructed, no odor.


Although many people have little contact with sewage pumping stations, they are indispensable to the beautiful urban environment we are now living in.


Valves and pipeline accessories are indispensable to sewage lifting pump station, in the sewage lifting pump station, we often use valves and pipeline accessories are: butterfly valve, knife gate valve, check valve, filter, rubber soft joint and so on.


Bonde valve professional valve manufacturers, the main products are clamp butterfly valve, flange butterfly valve, butterfly check valve, swing check valve, rubber soft joint, y-type filter, etc.If you need to purchase the valve used in the sewage pumping station, you can directly click the online customer service on the website to make an inquiry.