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What butterfly valves are used for sea water?Sea water butterfly valve material

Posted by Bundor valve

Q: bonde valve hello, sea water with what butterfly valve?Seawater butterfly valve material?


The customer needs to purchase flange butterfly valve, the medium is seawater, can it be used?The diameter of flange butterfly valve is dn450 and dn600. If it can be used, please recommend how to make configuration and type selection.


Bonde valve: flange butterfly valve can be used in the sea water pipeline, but because the medium is seawater, belongs to a more special working condition, the use of conventional configuration of flange butterfly valve is certainly not.


Bide recommended seawater flange butterfly valve configuration: ductile cast iron 41 body, valve plate using aluminum bronze material, valve shaft made of stainless steel 420, seat using EPDM EPDM EPDM rubber seat.