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soft seal butterfly valve instructions

Posted by Bundor valve

Manual/electric soft seal butterfly valve is suitable for the medium of water, sea water or oil pipeline, mainly as a stop valve, used to cut off the medium, in order to achieve the purpose of protecting the pipeline system.

Manual/electric soft seal butterfly valve is mainly composed of butterfly valve body, manual device or electric device.

Soft seal butterfly valve working principle

The soft-seal butterfly valve is decelerated through the worm wheel drive (the electric valve is decelerated through the motor through the worm wheel and worm drive), and drives the plate to rotate within 90° through the valve shaft, so that the plate is in the open or closed state, so as to achieve the purpose of connecting or cutting off the medium.

Soft seal butterfly valve structure characteristics
soft seal butterfly valve

Soft seal butterfly valve is rubber soft seal, using double eccentric structure, this structure can reduce the sealing surface wear, reduce the valve closing moment, improve the sealing surface service life;

Because the sealing pair USES stainless steel to rubber, so the sealing performance is good, is the bidirectional zero leakage valve, the rubber sealing ring has the interchangeability, the replacement is easy and simple.

Soft seal butterfly valve structure compact, open and close quickly, sealing performance is reliable (because in the process of opening and closing, sealing surface friction is small), light and labor-saving, long life, easy maintenance.

Since the manual/electric soft seal butterfly valve is a double eccentric seal structure, when the valve is fully open, the disc seal ring is in a relaxed state;When the valve is closed, the sealing ring is squeezed by the sealing surface of the valve body and the disc plate, resulting in elastic deformation. This elastic deformation means that the sealing force between the sealing surface of the valve gradually reaches the maximum value. Its characteristics are as follows:

1.soft seal butterfly valve quickly open and close;

2.the soft seal butterfly valve USES the advanced double eccentric sealing structure, the friction is small, the sealing performance is good;

3.soft seal butterfly valve sealing ring and valve body precision, effectively avoid medium erosion, improve service life and sealing effect;

4.soft seal butterfly valve disc sealing ring material for high quality rubber, sealing ring has good aging resistance, wear resistance, long service life;

5.soft seal butterfly valve valve switch limit device is reliable, no over-opening, clearance phenomenon, switch indication and the actual position of the plate is consistent.

The electric device has the past moment device, the counter stroke control structure, the local position indication and the remote contact, and it has two pairs of normally open and two pairs of normally closed contacts.Full open and full close contacts can meet the requirements of local and remote control.The electric device can accept three-phase four-wire system of 380/220vac.The electric device can withstand twice the required torque without permanent deformation and damage;The manual and electric switching mode is the automatic operation mode with electric priority.

6.soft seal butterfly valve body, disc, stem has enough strength and stiffness, disc sealing ring can be adjusted and replaced in the body.

Above is the manual/electric soft seal butterfly valve valve manual for the detailed introduction.