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Wafer butterfly valve price

Posted by Bundor valve
Wafer butterfly valve is a very wide range of valve types, it has a soft seal and hard seal two types of seal.In the same caliber, hard - sealed Wafer butterfly valve price will be higher than soft - sealed Wafer butterfly valve.
Wafer butterfly valve price
A variety of materials such as gray cast iron, nodular cast iron, cast steel, stainless steel, etc.And hard seal to Wafer butterfly valve material is limited, can only be cast steel or stainless steel.The reason is that two different sealing forms of butterfly valves, the use of the working condition is not the same, soft sealing can only be used for low pressure, room temperature environment.Hard seals are used in high pressure and high temperature environments.

If you need the price of clamping butterfly valve, please click on the official website of Bundor Valve online customer service to make an inquiry, tell us your working conditions and relevant parameter information of clamping butterfly valve, we will give you a reasonable price of Wafer butterfly valve.

Butterfly valve for a wide range of USES, the demand is strong, it goes without saying that the butterfly valve market competition is also very fierce.Fierce competition, naturally some businesses for the benefit and cost, give up the quality of the valve.

In this uneven butterfly valve market, choose a brand is the most reliable manufacturers.Recommended for you is the Bunodr valve.