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How to use flange butterfly valve daily?

Posted by Bundor valve

In daily life and its industrial production and consumption, flange butterfly valve is often used to manipulate gas, water, steam, sand, oil and other kinds of fluid mechanics theme activities.About some industry sector master, flange butterfly valve operation is simple and easy to get started, but about some industry sector beginner, flange butterfly valve is also very distant.
flange butterfly valve

How is flange butterfly valve often used?First, we should have a basic understanding of flange butterfly valve, flange butterfly valve in the structural level, the design scheme is novel, because of the uniqueness of the application, its overall specification is small, light weight;Flange butterfly valve USES double eccentric, so open and close quickly, the actual operation is heavy and easy.

There is also a very important point is flange butterfly valve and sealing ring without rolling friction, make the sealing surface wear.Net weave to fill a bit is, its application long life, seal is firm, easy to adjust.There are also flange butterfly valve working principle is that people must understand.Flanged butterfly valve metal seal gate valve, the use of camshaft utility, the design is to adopt the principle of three eccentric structure.

The vulcanized rubber soft seal disc valve is designed with a single eccentric structure.The application of this principle results in a rapid release between the high-pressure gate valve and the sealing ring, thus reducing friction.Next, people come to talk about the characteristics of soft sealing flange butterfly valve and hard sealing flange butterfly valve.Soft sealing flange butterfly valve, its overall specifications small, light weight, design scheme structure novel.

Adopt double eccentric, so open and close quickly, the actual operation is heavy and save energy, there is also no rolling friction between butterfly plate and seal ring, promote the sealing surface wear resistance, long service life, and sealed firmly, easy to adjust.Hard sealing flange butterfly valve, and soft sealing flange butterfly valve is not the same, it USES three dimensional eccentric structure, high pressure gate valve and butterfly plate is really no friction, with tighter sealing function.