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Electric soft seal flange butterfly valve features

Posted by Bundor valve

Soft sealing flange butterfly valve Product Overview:

Soft sealing flange butterfly valve, double shaft force flange butterfly valve structure is compact, 90° rotating power switch is easy, reliable performance, simple supporting facilities, good circulation capacity, is very suitable for the medium is thick, particulate, chemical fiber properties.At present, the gate valve is widely used in the industrial production process control system of food, environmental protection, light industry, crude oil, paper industry, chemical plant, classroom teaching and scientific research machinery and equipment, electric power engineering and other manufacturing industries.
Electric soft seal flange butterfly valve,Flange butterfly valve

Characteristics of electric soft sealing flange butterfly valve:

1, the valve chooses the biaxial force structure, has the more closed the tighter the sealing function, the sealing performance is reliable.

2. The sealing auxiliary raw materials are matched with stainless steel plate and acid-alkali vulcanized rubber, with a long service life.

3, vulcanized rubber sealing ring can be located on the oil plate, can also be located on the butterfly plate, can be used in different characteristics of the medium, for customers to choose.

4. The butterfly plate adopts frame shear wall with high compressive strength, large overcurrent area and small fluid density.

5, the overall painting, can reasonably avoid rust and if the sealing high pressure gate valve seal raw materials, can be used in different media.

6, the valve has a double sealing effect, installation will not be controlled by the medium inflow, will not be harmed by the indoor space, can be installed in all directions.

7, the valve structure is different, practical operation is convenient, energy saving, convenient.