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How to control the electric butterfly valve

Posted by Bundor valve
electric butterfly valve
Q: How is the electric butterfly valve controlled?

Bundor valve: electric butterfly valve is composed of electric actuator and butterfly valve, electric actuator for 90 degrees rotation, there are two kinds of control mode switch and regulation, through electric actuator rotation drive butterfly valve open and close.With manual operation function, the butterfly valve can be switched on and off by manual operation in case of power failure.

There are two types of electric butterfly valve: ordinary type and intelligent type.Ordinary type, when connected to its motor, the valve will be opened or closed, depending on the positive and negative motor turn;Intelligent such as AC380V, to its AC380V, the motor does not move, the internal control circuit board can work.When 4-20mA current is applied to it, do the corresponding action.Close at 4mA, open at 20mA.There is also a 4-20mA analog feedback signal to reflect the size of its valve opening.