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Electric actuated butterfly valve price

Posted by Bundor valve
With the progress of science and technology production technology, the butterfly valve from the original single purpose evolved into a variety of purposes, in order to adapt to different conditions, the types of butterfly valve is also more and more, and with the development of industrial automation, Electric actuated butterfly valve is also more and more used to, Electric actuated butterfly valve is not affected by temperature, pressure and climate, but in damp environment and the high cost and easy happening accident.
Electric actuated butterfly valve
Electric actuated butterfly valve has strong adaptability, large output torque and convenient control.It is often used in large caliber pipelines or occasions without explosion proof.If you need to purchase Electric actuated butterfly valves, Here to remind you, be sure to find a guaranteed brand manufacturer to quote.For example, Bundor valve is a professional manufacturer of high-quality butterfly valve, brand products, quality is guaranteed, can provide you with Electric actuated butterfly valve price to your satisfaction, you are welcome to consult.

How much do you know about Electric actuated butterfly valves?

Electric actuated butterfly valve is in the butterfly valve with an electric actuator, so as to realize the automatic operation of the valve.Electric actuated butterfly valve is a kind of automatic valve. The electric actuator of Electric actuated butterfly valve can be divided into switch type and regulating type. The switch type can only do two actions, on and off, which are used to stop the flow.Adjusting type is to do flow regulation use, can do very accurate flow regulation, of course, the price is also relatively high.

Electric actuated butterfly valve working power supply is usually: AC220V, AC380V, DC24V, the input signal is 4~20mA, 0~ 10V and other weak current signal.Electric actuated butterfly valve because of the installation of electric actuator in the butterfly valve, the price will be higher than the general butterfly valve.But the specific price needs the customer to provide detailed parameters to give.Specifically, you can click on the official website online customer service consultation.