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An Asian company purchases the stainless steel butterfly valve and other products of Bundor

Posted by Bundor valve
Project name: A company in Asia purchases the stainless steel butterfly valve, rubber joint, filter and other products of Bundor

Customer Name: A company in Asia

Buy valves: Stainless steel butterfly valve, rubber joint, filter, etc.

Customer demand: supply for electronics factory

Project picture:

The customers come from Asia, and they are specialized in supporting equipment, mainly supplying power plants, thermal power plants, and electronics factories.

The customer is a long-term partner of Bundor Valve and has cooperated with Bundor Valve many times. As long as the customer has valve requirements, the customer will first think of Bundor Valve.

This time the customer wanted to provide a foreign-owned electronics factory with related supporting facilities, including valves. The electronics factory has high requirements for valves, with good quality and high cost performance.

After communicating with Bundor Valve business personnel, Bundor products can fully meet the requirements of its customers. So the customer purchased the stainless steel butterfly valve, rubber soft joint, filter and other products from Bundor .

After receiving the goods, the customer said that the valve quality, appearance, packaging and other aspects are doing well, and hope to continue to maintain long-term cooperation with Bundor .